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November 29, 2010

Montreux Equity Partners named once again to the "AlwaysOn Top VC 100"

For the second year in a row, Montreux Equity Partners has been named to the "AlwaysOn Top VC 100." This list recognizes the top performers in the industry. Last year the list was dedicated to individuals, and Montreux partner Daniel K. Turner III was honored. This year the list honors firms, and Montreux is delighted to receive recognition again. Please see the official press release below from AlwaysOn Top. Introducing the 2010 Venture Capital 100

The venture capital industry is clawing its way back after a ten-year drought. AlwayOn's editors unveil the top 100 venture capital firms that are leading the comeback and proving that high-growth private company investment opportunities still exist for the wise and disciplined VC.

During the past year, the stars in the venture capital industry have proven that there is life after a ten-year run of marginal returns and two brutal recessions that knocked NASDAQ under 1,200 in September 2002, and under 1,400 in February 2009. This list proves that the top VC firms still have the patience, endurance, and tenacity to weather any economic storm that blows up in its path. Last year\'s first annual AlwaysOn Venture Capital 100 highlighted the 100 individual venture capital partners that backed the most profitable winners from 2006 through 2009. This year, AlwaysOn presents the top 100 venture capital firms that have had the most steady stream of exits during the last three years. To help pick the VC100 this year, the AlwaysOn editorial team sourced data from its research partners Morgan Stanley, VentureDeal, The 451 Group, and select industry experts on more than 300 active VC firms as well as reviewing their investments and exits. The AO editorial team will rotate individual VCs and firms in each subsequent VC100. The winning VC firms were selected based on performance relative to the number of successful exit deals from their portfolio companies from October 1st, 2007, through September 30th, 2010. Consideration was given to firms with lead investors from our 2009 VC100, understanding that in many cases, more than one partner is involved in helping each company. While much of the exact valuation data remains private, we present this year\'s VC100 ultimately as a representative list, based on our best efforts. The VC 100 underscores the critical role venture capital plays in new company and new job creation-and proves just how important innovation and the VC firms that fund it are to rebuilding our economy. Congratulations to the winning firms who, together with the innovative companies they have funded, have come through a daunting economic environment and retained a preeminent position in pushing the technology marketplace back into a position of prosperity.